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Your Journey to Service Design & Customer Centric Capability

I help organisations develop a customer centric culture and service design capability through trainings, design thinking workshops, team building activities, developing tailored service design toolkit and design projects.

Trainings & Design Thinking Workshops

Collaboration is at the heart of design thinking. I develop and facilitate custom workshops and trainings in service design thinking, a proven approach for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. Design Thinking focuses on 'learning by doing' therefore it is crucial for all participants to be involved in all aspects of the workshops - more interactions than presentation slides.
Designing and facilitating one to three days sessions where you will gain a practical understanding of the principles of Design Thinking and Service Design. You will learn about the process as well as methods and tools to analyze user needs, prototyping, and generating ideas. You will also get the chance to apply these methods in a small workshop group. This is the first step to help your business develop a customer centric and service design capability across the entire organisation.

One on one or team coaching helps to catalyze new ways of approaching and solving complex challenges to customer or end-user experience. Coaching helps to instill a customer-focused, user-centred mindset and unlock craetivity and innovation through a design thinking approach. Coaching helps also build a collaborative, empathic and high performing project or product teams.

Designing and developing tailored service design tools such as customer journey mapping template, stakeholder mapping, service blueprinting, workshop templates and canvas, design challenge cards or a hollistic service design guide for your organisation. Each is tailored to the needs and specifications of your business and culture. These support design-led projects and change across the organisation. 

Leading or supporting design-led projects delivering customer centric solutions or products to enhance end-to-end customer experience across a service or a product lifecycle. Using design thinking and agile project management best practices to ensure effective collaboration across project teams and stakeholder groups, as well as timely delivery of agreed objectives. At this stage your organisation has access to tailored service design tools, templates, visual design skillset as well as cross-industry international experience.

Design Thinking and Service Design empowers organisational change and project delivery. Examples of outcomes from the previously delivered projects include: a) a welcoming and engaging employee omboarding experience, b) redesigned corporate global shared services, c) a redesigned website that is more usable, useful intuitive and engaging, c) an improved custoemer communication experience, d) hollistic business model for financial services, or streamline and efficient processes within customer journeys.  




'Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they did not really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they have had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they have had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people.' In the Insights section you can explore more on design thinking, service design and delivered projects.