Service Design at Scale
Customer Experience, Financial Services, Service Design
Global Service Design Conference in Madrid Global Service Design Conference in Madrid Source: International Service Design Network Source: International...
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Top Trends in Digital Transformation 2017
Customer Experience, Digital
Digital technologies and consequently digital transformation reshapes every aspect of businesses today. The era of digital customer experience is...
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Customer Experience in the Asset Management
Customer Experience, Financial Services
In the latest report released by KPMG Nunwood senior executives from leading asset management firms are sharing their views on...
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Design to eliminate organisational silos
Customer Experience, Experience Design, Service Design
A well-designed operating model is the bridge that allows a company to enable a fully joined up holistic customer...
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Apple WWDC 2017: Overview
Tim Cook announced updates headed to iPhones, MacBooks and more at the recent Apple’s WWDC 2017.   Personally I...
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Using Lego as a design thinking artefact
Design Thinking, Digital
Using Lego as a design thinking artefact enhancing the experience and outputs from collaboration and co-creation! How is it that...
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Financial Services by Design
Customer Experience, Financial Services, Service Design
Banks aren’t getting disrupted by finch, they’re getting disrupted by customer expectations. Global enterprises (Apple, Google, Virgin, Philips, Amazon),...
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The Future of Design is Digital
Design, Design Thinking, Digital, News
What is Design? It’s about business. It’s about people. It’s about technology. It’s now about digital technology — which touches a lot of people. And it’s now...
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Designed by Apple – the new MacBook 2016/2017
Brand, Customer Experience, Design, News
The idea of genuinely trying to make something great for humanity was Steve’s motivation from the beginning, and it...
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London from above…
Photography, Tourism, Travel
Stunning aerial footage of London produced by one of the London’s most prolific photographers.  Here’s a  breath-taking footage of...
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It’s the Service Design!
Design Thinking, Service Design
This is how Design Thinking empowers customer experience. The May edition of Touchpoint – The Journal of Service Design explores the relationship...
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Krakow, Poland – promotional video from a drone
Tourism, Travel
Only a handful of European cities can claim to contain little to often the eyes. Paris is one and...
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Key Attributes of a Customer Journey Map
Customer Experience, Service Design
  A customer journey map is a tool that helps to improve your customer experience by breaking down interactions...
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Get Excited About Digital Design in 2016
Design, Digital, Service Design
As a service design and digital consultant with an accent in visual storytelling I pay close attention to the...
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My first Virgin Atlantic Experience
Brand, Customer Experience, Service Design, Tourism
There are thousands of airlines but only very few have mastered the passengers’ end to end experience across their...
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Employee Journey Mapping
Design Thinking, Experience Design, Service Design
Given the changing nature of a global workforce (rapidly growing percentage of Millennials among our workforce), concerns regarding skills...
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Coca-Cola GBS Services by Design
Brand, Customer Experience, Service Design
Below there’s a link to the article I wrote for Design for Europe website, a case study on my recent...
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Growth of Service Design
Customer Experience, Experience Design, News, Service Design
Report analysing trends in UK and internationally   Last month a UK based research network (DeSID), in collaboration with...
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Creating High Quality Digital Experience
Customer Experience, Digital, News, Service Design
Think big, really big, and look at a broader picture related to user experience to enable a dynamic story...
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Coca-Cola Top Brand
Brand, News
COCA-COLA NAMED TOP MARKETER AND TOP BRAND IN EFFIE EFFECTIVENESS INDEX Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most recognisable and valuable...
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COCA-COLA New Creative Space in London
Brand, Design, News, Photography
A space designed to perfectly complement the brand In late spring 2014, The Coca-Cola Company moved to its new London...
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Digital & Physical Fusion
Customer Experience, Digital, Service Design
Adapting your organisational strategy to digital & physical fusion offers your customers a seamless, intuitive, enjoyable and engaging experience. Speak to...
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Berlin: City of Change
News, Tourism, Travel
BERLIN: CITY OF CHANGE, 25 YEARS AFTER THE FALL OF BERLIN WALL It can be hard for visitors to...
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Using Design to Improve Products and Services
Brand, Design, News, Service Design
A video from the London based Design Council on the role design plays in product and service development –...
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Leading Business by Design
Brand, Design, Design Thinking, News
Leading Business by Design – qualitative research project from British Design Council that investigates the strategic use of design at...
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Think Poland
News, Tourism, Travel
POLAND TRANSFORMED, SPRING INTO NEW It was not long ago that Poland used to conjure up images of countryside,...
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Brand Canada
Brand, Design, News, Photography, Travel
For Years Brand Canada has been considered one of the top most valuable country brands. It appeals to travellers,...
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Scandinavian Web Design
Design, Digital, News
Scandinavian design in general is known for being simple, minimalistic and focused on user experience: from modern architecture, IKEA...
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Think Krakow: From Tourism to Technology
Brand, Photography, Tourism, Travel
International outsourcing, new business parks and a candidature for the Winter Olympics – Poland’s second biggest city is emerging...
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Visiting Oslo
Brand, Photography, Tourism, Travel
OSLO BURSTS AS ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING METROPOLIS BJTA1W Snow-covered houses in Tromso, Norway. Image shot 2010. Exact...
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